Reading continues to Sky-Rocket at Rushall!

Reading continues to Sky-Rocket at Rushall!

Over the holiday, Ellis and his sister, Felicity took part in the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ which was held at all Walsall libraries.

In order to complete this challenge, the book worms had to read a total of six books in just six weeks. Ellis informed us that he read three books from the Capitan Underpants collection and three Dogman books. Ellis later added that his favourite book was ‘Dogman Unleashed’ as it was the funniest out of all of the books he read.

The reward for participating in the challenge was a shiny, golden medal and a fantastic certificate to be proud of. Ellis stated, “I particularly enjoyed the challenge of reading six books in such a short amount of time.”

If anyone else has completed this challenge, please let the ‘Rushall Dragon’ team know.

By David and Matthew


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