Special Reading Areas

Special Reading Areas

We are very excited to announce at Rushall that we have a brand new room dedicated solely to reading. As this room is meant to be motivating and inspirational, we have filled it with bright colours and called it the ‘Rainbow Reading Room’. In this room, children will work with Teachers and Teaching Assistants to develop their fluency and confidence in reading.

In addition to this, we would like to make you aware of other special reading areas in our school. There is a cosy ‘book nuck’ under the stairs where you can read the ‘First News’ newspaper, Aquila magazine (which discusses big ideas for inquisitive kids) and topic related texts and stories. You can also read in the pavilion, ‘The Rushall Retreat’ and your class reading area. Please also remember to visit the library which is operated by our Pupil Librarians daily at break and lunch.

Remember to have fun whilst reading at Rushall!

By Louie and Lauren

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