New Year, New Decade….. New Beginnings…..

New Year, New Decade…..  New Beginnings…..

As we enter a new year and new decade, it is a good time to reflect on the things that are important to us and how we can make small changes to make our lives better.

Many people see a new year as a new beginning or a fresh start and make resolutions in order to try to make themselves a better person. Common New Year’s Resolutions are:

  • To do more exercise
  • To eat more healthily (eat less chocolate!)
  • To try something new i.e. a new hobby
  • To help the people around you more

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution may be difficult, however if you persevere and stay committed you will succeed.

For the Rushall Dragon Team, the new year also marks a new beginning….. It is now time to hand down our writing baton to Year 5 as we now need to focus our energy on our SAT’s. After February half term there will be a new team of reporters who will continue our work further.

We would like to thank everybody who has supported us through buying the newspaper and reading our blog.

Happy New Year from everyone in the Rushall Dragon Team.

By David, Arthur, Louie, Matthew, Eleanor and Lauren

The Rushall Dragon Team

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